Forest Therapy.

​Forest Therapy is a growing, research-based healing-practice that supports health, happiness, and well-being through reconnection with nature. No matter what environment you are in, there is always something positive to be gained from spending a little time outside.

Ravyn Walks provides guided treks primarily in the woods of Western Massachusetts. These walks are intended to promote wellness through a series of slow-paced sensory-awareness invitations. Our intention is to guide participants to notice more of their natural surroundings and aid in fostering relationships between people and the more than human world.

From start to finish my first experience with forest therapy was perfect. I did not know what to expect, but came away feeling more connected to myself and the world around me. It did me well! I will be back.

Joni Marie V.

Mishka’s intuitive understanding of people, plants, personalities, and nature, leave me feeling warm, cared for, and heard, each time we work together. It’s essential for us to reconnect with nature now more than ever, and with the latest science showing more clearly the health benefits; I’m certain that this work can benefit absolutely anybody, and will have a positive impact on the planet as a whole.

Anthony W.B.