What and Why?

Forest Bathing, or Forest Therapy is a growing, research-based, group healing-practice that supports health, happiness, and well-being through re-connection with nature. Forest Bathing is unique, in that it can’t be characterized as “therapy” or “outdoor recreation” in any traditional sense. It is a practice in slowing down, unplugging and wandering through the world as a means to deepen connections, open and answer questions, and revitalize our life-force. As you wander, Nature can provide the wellness you may seek, the guide is just there to open the door to that connection. Our intention is to guide participants to notice more of their natural surroundings and aid in fostering relationships between people and the more than human world.

Walks cover no more than a mile long trail. Unlike a hike or outdoor adventure class, this is a practice in simply observing and does not require any naturalist training or outdoor experience. Many people have their own practices of walking through Nature already, so why schedule a walk with us? Our walks are a group based practice, involving a series of slow-paced sensory-awareness invitations, and several group debriefs. This structure allows for participants to share their experiences with Nature in real time with other people. Witnessing other people’s experiences provides insight into how simultaneously unique and collective nature connection can be as a healing practice.

Where and When?

Ravyn Walks is based in Western Massachusetts and the greater New England and Tri-State areas. Walks are held year-round at the Larch Hill Conservation Center in Amherst, Massachusetts. See our schedule for availability and other locations. Ravyn Walks are not just limited to one location! Want to hold a private guided walk at a location near you? Call us for more information on scheduling private walks.


Ravyn Walks is founded and managed by Mishka Viscardi, a trained Forest Therapy Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. A lover of nature and our will to thrive, Mishka has always been a student of the elements. She brings to the field her passion for nature, love of people, creativity, craftsmynship, and love of mentorship. As well as being a forest therapy practitioner, Mishka is a wilderness skills instructor and nature educator, and works year round as a personal care assistant and as an administrator for a case management company.  Certifications include Forest Therapy Guide, CPR, First Aid and Wilderness First Aid.